Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management

PGDCM is similar in overall structure to PGDM, with the difference that it has a special emphasis on Information Technology and its business applications. It is aimed at creating business professionals who would know how to apply Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) in business management.

The Post Graduate Programme, including both PGDM and PGDCM, is structured into two parts: a core curriculum composed entired of compulsory credit and non-credit courses in the first year, and a set of elective courses offered in the second year chosen according to the wishes of students. The first year core curriculum is designed to help students in developing a solid base of business fundamentals through courses in all areas of management, while the second year curriculum is structured so that students can select courses of their choice from across diverse fields. In the second year, students can take up term papers under faculty supervision if they wish to delve deeply into specific topics of their interest.


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