Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment. Mining engineering also includes processing minerals for additional value.

The need for mineral extraction and production is an essential activity of modern society. Mining activities by their nature cause a disturbance of the environment in and around which the minerals are located. Modern mining engineers must therefore be concerned not only with the production and processing of mineral commodities, but also with the mitigation of damage to the environment as a result of that production and processing.

Mining engineers are one of the highest paid engineers in the world. The occupation is expected to grow faster than average, because of older mining engineers retiring, increased demand for natural resource across the globe; specially in the developing countries and few schools that offer an education specific to the discipline. Mining engineers are typically employed in oil and gas extraction, metal ore mining, and coal mining.


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