Is your child too well-behaved? Maybe its time for you to worry

We all simply adore well-mannered kids, don’t we? They are obedient, polite, trouble-free, good listeners and what not. Does your child show similar qualities? If so, he certainly needs your attention. This can be an alarming sign. Although we all want our kids to show manners and decency, especially in front of others, we cringe when they disobey us, particularly when others are around. However, being too well-behaved could be a sign which might be indicating that something else is going on that needs attention.Now, let’s do some fact-finding. Think of all the famous personalities who have struggled their way to the top and list certain common aspects of their personalities. Well, we have listed it down here: • They all display freedom of action and thought.• They all enjoy discovering and analyzing the unusual.• They all have high fighting spirit and are free from inhibitions or fears.• And lastly, they all have high self-awareness and emotional quotient. Now, can you imagine these famous personalities as kids, do you think they were perfect kids? Absolutely NOT! Kids those who exhibit perfect and ‘too good to be true’ characteristic features, are more likely to become perfect average adults. The one who receives praise from adults, grow up to become perfect gentlemen and ladies and make money, raise kids and all that is considered as being ‘successful’ socially. However, if you want your kids to ‘make a mark’ and reach their highest potential, you need to inculcate certain habits, as parents:

  1. Do not try to control them all the time or sweat at trivial stuff. Allow them to take their own decision and mistakes. The liberty of making mistakes only comes to the young. We all have the right to make our own mistakes and learn from them. This detachment yet the emotional connection is what makes them young. Give your child enough liberty to make mistakes.
  2. Do not cut their wings. Let them fly, think and thrive. Encourage their thinking prowess by not telling them the answers to every question. Everything that comes across as questions or problems enhances their creativity and innovative faculties when solved on their own. We are here to facilitate their thought process and make them creative thinkers; do not make them rote learn the facts. Always use the phrase ‘Let’s figure it out…’ Encourage them to make new discoveries by making them find their own versions of whys and hows. The world has enough businessmen and bankers. We need magicians, artists, scientists.                                      
  3. Do not make them society-conscious robots. Encourage them to create their own rules. This is the most critical thing that we ‘the modern parents’ need to understand. We have to let them be themselves. We have devised such great standards for ourselves, as per society norms, that we are bound by certain rules. But think of the kids, why should they be bothered with such man-made rules just yet. Who knows one of your children might become tomorrow’s Archimedes or Newton by thinking and asking silly questions and discovering why to newer avenues that society does not just know yet.                                                                 
  4. Do not restrain them from showing their true emotions. Feeling and showing true emotions is critical to making them better human beings. It is one of the supreme qualities that you may impart to your kids. Make them be compassionate towards others. Teach them to feel true and not only show socially good behavior.

So, here we have discovered few socially appropriate behaviors exhibited by too well-behaved children and its implications, which might be alarming for parents. Also, we have looked at the ways we can mitigate such signs. So yes! We should worry. Worry if they do not feel compassionate or do not show enough curiosity and ask questions or listen to you too much and others or do not fact find or take risks. It is our job to make them perfect human beings and bring the best out of them. Be mindful of such signs! If you have more tips to share with us, please keep posting here!


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