Fellow Programme in Management

The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is a Doctoral level programme in management. This programme is aimed at preparing students for careers in teaching or research in different disciplines of management, as well as for careers outside academics that demand a high degree of research and analytical abilities. Students who complete this programme are awarded the title Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. This programme is officially recognized as equivalent to a PhD by the Government of India and by the Association of Indian Universities.

The FPM allows students to specialize in the following areas

  • Behavioural Sciences
  • Economics
  • Finance & Control
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
  • Operations Research and Systems Analysis (ORSA)
  • Public Policy and Management
  • Regional Development
  • Sociology
  • Strategic Management

The programme structure typically consists of two phases: coursework – which lasts for two years (6 terms) during which the FPM students take courses along students undergoing the Post Graduate Programme (PGP), and the dissertation. Students who complete the coursework phase with the required academic records have to pass the Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (CQE) before moving on to the dissertation phase.


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