4 Tricky Ways to Engage the Distracted Students That the School Management May Allow

Is your most intelligent lot getting swayed by trivial and unimportant things in the class? And rest of the students simply daydreaming while you are trying to teach them a science concept? Stop blaming your teaching skills for their inattentive nature. And for God’s sake, the issue is not also in the subject matter or the content. The real culprit here is the application. The traditional methods that we use are mundane and fail to engage students beyond a certain limit. Students in this age, have many elements of distraction, starting from smartphones, laptops, to new wearable gadgets, the list goes on. Not that these new tech gadgets are not useful for them, however, our teaching methods should also evolve in accordance with the ever-evolving technology. Here are few useful tricks to keep them engaged in your class and beyond. These activities could be beneficial throughout the academic year. Lets us see in detail:

  • Find out the ‘student leaders’ and engage them in leadership activities

There are few students who are least interested in studies, but when it comes to organizing projects we can’t do without them. Find these student leaders. They are a great boon when you are implementing a project-based learning flow. These students are the one who love to organize and make others work. Give them the job to assist you in making others focus in the learning process. However, you might have to offer them some liberty. It is required to keep them motivated as organizers of the project. Choose the students who are self-assured and confident. Show them the vision and path, however, don’t forget to set clear rules.

  • Turn the class into a project-based learning process and give every student a role or department

Instead of mundane activity-based learning the entire class could be changed and turned into a project, where everybody is finally scored on the basis of how the project turns out to be. Assign every student some work, preferably the best that they can do. Make sure everyone is doing their duties to the best of their knowledge. You will see a sea of difference in such a learning activity. The least interested students will also be involved and eventually have to work for others sake if not for their own.

  • Give the students reasons to learn: Create urgency

When students are involved in a project-based activity, they are bound to learn facts, information, dialogues and other material sometimes, in order to perform their roles aptly and diligently to show their peers. This leaves them with no option other than to memorize facts that they hate to learn otherwise. Usually, a lot of fact-finding and research from the internet or from the school library goes into it, which is an extremely beneficial aspect of the overall learning process. You could also make the project more real by putting some audience to create urgency, once in a while, if the activity allows.

  • Make them familiar with the sense of success and applaud them for doing a good job

You can be the part of applauding club as they accomplish the project with flying colors. The sense of success drives students to achieve better results the next time. Tell management to give them freebies or appreciate them in the school assembly or just show any gesture of appreciation. Giving students a chance to perform in a newly created learning environment, especially the one that they like keeps them more engaged. Such project-based activities never give them even a single moment to think about irrelevant things, as they are so much engrossed in the activities that they are performing hands-on. Besides, such creative learning processes have their own benefits. It demands research from them that make them retain learned information for a longer duration. If you have other tips and tricks to make them focused, please share with us.


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